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Designed to keep you in the flow.


High performance workwear for skilled tradeswomen

Introducing Women's Fit

We’re filling the #GearGap for women in the trades with high performance workwear you can trust by starting with our most-loved products and redesigning them from the ground up specifically for you.


Customer Reviews

Great pants, I am a carpenter and have owned them for a couple weeks now. My first choice every morning

These have become my go-to work pants. They are super warm outside yet breathable when indoors. They are extremely comfortable to the point I don’t mind wearing them once I get home. The pockets are great but kind of useless to me as a lefty. Would love to see a left hand version with a second back pocket. I do love the tiny zipper pocket, it’s perfect for bit drivers!

These are probably some of the best pants I have ever owned. I wear them almost everyday. I own my own arborist company and I wear these while climbing. They have held up to the abuse of branches, oil, and dirt being ground into them on a daily basis.